Food Bloggers Meet over Delicious Food & Drink at Hoppipola

By: Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

March 10, 2016


Hoppipola First Look – Blogger’s Eye




Who said eating is only about food and it ought to a serious issue? The Hoppipola outlet in Acropolis Mall makes your eating experience a new one. The makes sure that you have fun every time you enter the restaurant. Hoppipola at Acropolis Mall is filled with music, games and no doubt great food. Here’s the first look.




The party mood inside


There are not many places in Kolkata that can rival Hoppipola in class, beauty and liveliness. This beautiful restaurant sitting atop Acropolis Mall oozes pleasure and elegance, complete with two beautiful bars and kids’ game zone.




Bearing a new a look and a young vibe, this restaurant cum bar is always at the party and festive mood. The bright flyers swinging from the roof alongside smaller than usual wooden air ships dangling just above your head take you on a journey of fancy and dreams, while the divider close to the passageway is enhanced with clever messages.




As you get inside you can see the stylistic layout takes after a Mediterranean topic with blue tiles, blue tinted glass and walls colored in white. There’s a roundabout rack with various types of table games and also a brew pong table and not only one, but rather two bar counters.


Games you can play


You are at Hoppipola and you are just sitting and eating? This means you are a spoilsport as Hoppipola is all about foods and games both. Order your drink and go for a game. If you are a Chuggathon Champion, a game played every last Thursday of a month, you can win free beer for the rest of the month to come. So, buy a drink and play some games. Show off your bold side.




Party all night!


Planning for a crazy party? Why choose some other place when there is Hoppipola. This is a perfect place to celebrate your special day packed with craziness, including music, friendship, free drinks, art attacks, sports and a lot more. Every day at Hoppipola is spent through crazy celebrations.




In the day, you will feel transported to another time and place as you relax in the midst of that entire eye smoothing ambiance with light background music. At night, however, the space becomes magical, with an old-world charm.


Food offered by Hoppipola for Bloggers Meet


In starters; Harrissan Paneer, Smoking Carlos, OMG, Chicken Trilogy, Fishful Thinking and The New Age Wing Man. Followed by main course; Cup of Oriental (Veg / Chicken) and Spaghetti Aglio Alio (Veg / Chicken). As thirst-quencher they served cocktails; IQ, Bird Cage, Da Vincitini, Drown in a Bucket and Hoppi Bath Tub.


Foodies Pick


Allow their knowledgeable, warm staff to take you through the unique but easy-to-define menu, which focuses on traditional techniques such as salting, curing, brining and grilling. Leave all preconceptions at the door; almost nothing you get will be what you expect!


Hoppipola designed its own creative cocktails, so it is a must to start your day with their one of the signature cocktail IQ — vodka shaken with cranberry juice & raspberry puree served inside a bulb shape glass. Don’t be fooled by its innocent watermelon juice-like appearance — the drink contains high percentage of alcohol, so pace yourself!




Hoppipola is great at both their cocktails and bar bites, so get your appetites going with creative tipples like the tropical vodka-based IQ while nibbling on moreish starters like OMG, before moving on to the mains.




We started with the OMG – crumb fried mushroom stuffed with cheese drizzled in olive oil and melted cheese and finished with a chilli bits for hits of spice. You won’t be able to stop munching on the Oh My God — it was crispy, chewy and salty, perfect for washing down with cocktails. If you prefer mushroom to start with, this one’s your jam. Soft and crispy, salty and spicy, this fluffy Oh My God was loaded with just the right amount of fragrant spices.




The Harrissan Paneer packs a punch of flavour and definitely leaves you wanting more, while the variation of taste was truly immaculate. It had really interesting flavours and full credit goes to the chef for successfully playing with spices. You must go for this unassuming, lightly-charred tunisian style spicy cottage cheese sprinkled with herb cheese and a generous douse of spices, you won’t believe how good they’ve made this humble cheese taste.




Bird Cage was made with Chunks of pineapple mixed with pineapple juice and kiwi puree, muddled and then shaken with Bacardi white rum and pomegranate juice and served inside a bird cage, this ice-cold cocktail strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and an alcoholic punch. The best part was drinking from those little transparent rubber pipes, three people can drink together with one bird cage. Order one Bird Cage at a time, this way you’ll have ice cold cocktails throughout your meal! Have some fun sipping on these cool babies as you digest, and thank me later.




You will not go wrong with their classics veg starters like OMG (Oh My God) and Harrissan Paneer, but more adventurous palates will likely appreciate lesser-known dishes like Smoking Carlos — a tangy vegetable spring rolls stuffed with cheese, corn and jalapeno, livened with aromatics. Definitely go for these crowd pleasing Smoking Carlos, it would melt in your mouth with a hint of crispness. The Smoking Carlos was fried to perfection — it’s a sure win for all.




Harrisa, garlic aioli and chermoula? Not the typical union of flavours, but Hoppipola’s Chicken Trilogy rendition proves it to work. We started our non-veg food adventure with warm Chicken Trilogy, these make for a fine introduction to the flavours around the world that inspire the food here. Grilled chicken with harrisa, garlic aioli and chermoula flavours, when your heart says one is not enough. Let the soft chicken pieces seduce you, before you assault your tastebuds with the piquant green harissa flavour. Don’t be shy, bite on those super soft chicken pieces! Pick from either the harrisa falvour, garlic aioli flavour or the intensely smoky chermoula flavoured one to finish up.




If you prefer something lighter, go for the Fishful Thinking — the tarter dips paired beautifully with crispy fish fingers. Fishful Thinking was perfectly fried till batter became super crispy but the fish inside remains fork tender. In this classic dish pairing of fresh fish with tartar sauce was perfect but for maximum effect, adds a dash of the chili flakes found next to the utensils before digging in! This appetizer should whet your longing for Da Vincitini.




If you think you’re rather well-acquainted with martini, allow the unique, creative, mind blowing martini at Hoppipola to open your eyes. Da Vincitini – traditional espresso martini just got better with a touch of Bailey’s served on a palate with a paint brush and dark & white chocolate sauce. You can paint your glass with dark & white chocolate sauce before enjoying the drink. Just finished the glass of Da Vincitini in one go and it will be enough to make you forget you’re having a bad day. This cocktail was little bit on sweeter side, not everyone would enjoy this slightly odd combination of sweetness, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!




The The New Age Wing Man was probably the most surprising of the lot with its hidden savoury centre contrasted with its sweet barbecue sauce coatings. The winner among the starters was clearly The New Age Wing Man — the spicy confit chicken wings in barbecue sauce were amazingly succulent. The chicken wings were well-seasoned and the potent barbecue sauce complements the food very well. Though on the smaller side, the chicken wings were bang on flavour and its like fireworks in the mouth. You may also opt for the more spicy flavour if you prefer some heat.




Go easy on the mains here, portions are generous and they fill you up even before you start to dig into the rest of the bowl. I may call their Cup of Oriental some of life’s best things on a single platter. With impeccably cooked Thai Green Curry with Chicken dusted with chopped garlic clove, strokes of finely shredded fresh kaffir lime leaves and lashing of rich coconut milk, served with plain steamed rice, I couldn’t have said it any better. It’s felt like as if the Thai Green Curry wants to smother me with pleasure.






You can easily opt to share a more substantial main like the Chicken Spaghetti Aglio Alio, spaghetti served with chicken strips, crushed red pepper flakes, minced fresh parsley and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. You might even find your new favourite Chicken Spaghetti here. It’s super tasty and loaded with cheese and chicken. Just be sure to wash it all down with Hoppipola’s legendary cocktails.




Over the course of your lunch, keep on sipping Bird Cage —Pineapple and Pomegranate juice -infused white rum, Kiwi Puree and chunks of Pineapple — or the Drown in a Bucket with rosemary & orange juice -infused tequila! Definitely you would not want the day to end.


Live Signature Cocktail Making Session


The Hoppipola management arranged a cocktail making session for bloggers. Myself and Debajyoti got lucky to learn the secret cocktail blending from their master mixologist. Hoppipola’s Master Bartender Puspendu was truly genius with the art of blending, he teaches me step by step how to make their signature cocktail ‘Drown in a Bucket’.




Drown in a Bucket was an amazing tequila based cocktail. First Fresh orange juice and slight sugar syrup and sprinkled water properly mixed with ice cubes. Then fresh rosemary muddled with the orange juice and served in a bucket with lot of crushed ice and tequila (75 ml). This was almost quite literally a stairway to heaven for cocktail lovers.




Then it was Debajyoti’s turn to learn the next cocktail ‘Hoppi Bath Tub’. Malta orange and ginger got muddled together with fresh orange juice and mixed with White Rum then served inside a handmade Bath Tub with Beer. The frozen concoction of ginger, white rum and orange juice comes with an overturned bottle of Kingfisher Premium beer plugged in the centre!




The pairings are all well thought out — for example, the marvelous Tequila -based ‘ Drown in a Bucket ‘, infused with Orange juice and muddled fresh Rosemary, goes seamlessly well with the spicy New Age Wing Man’s rich flavours.




You are your own master


Leave all your stress behind and just enter Hoppipola. Draw up a chair, order your food, order your drink and ask the DJ to play your favorite mashup. This is the perfect way to forget about your stressful meeting of the day and the work pressure lying piled up on your table. Just sit, request, groove and repeat.




Above all, this is a great place that offers you some mouthwatering dishes, some electric music and most importantly games. Wide varieties of cuisines are available which include European, oriental and Mediterranean. A meal for two will cost you just Rs. 1200. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your crazy gang tonight and hit this restro bar or grab your girlfriends for a fun night out on the town, or bring a date who doesn’t mind getting their hands a little dirty while you feast on their tasty starters.


Hoppipola Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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