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October 4, 2015


No need to crack your tired brains deciding where you and your friends should eat, just meet up at Ocean Grill. Located just opposite of the RDB Cinema in Salt Lake, Sector – V, this specious restaurant is a mast go-to if you want to try out different cuisines in one place. This is another perfect spot to go with your female lunch kaki’s, especially on a rainy afternoon.


It is no doubt that it has become a popular place for corporate meetings and drawing the working crowd. They offers really affordable set buffet, consider this a good lunch option if you’re in the area. The food here is authentic, generous, and generally remarkable.




This humble specious restaurant was acquired by Shane and Sumana in September’2014 from previous owner; they boast super flavorful dishes with the right amount of spice and tang, and big portions for extremely reasonable prices. Ocean Grill’s management believes that sharing makes a meal more enjoyable, and it’s hard to disagree with that. An absolutely gorgeous place for weekend brunch, or dinner and drinks with your date, this is also a great spot for gatherings of any kind. It’s fresh and plush ambience is perfect for a celebration, will put you at ease in its relaxed environment. Ocean Grill serves great food in a peaceful yet chic ambience.




Atreya , PR of Ocean Grill welcomed us warm heartedly and a table was reserved for us in advance. After basic meet and greet we got seated and ‘Fresh Lime Soda’ were served, in the mean while I was occupied with their buffet menu, tried little bit from nov veg section. Carb & prawn was remarkably tasty and played with my taste buds for a little. After coming back to the table I joined my friends to finalize today’s menu while sipping on chilled fresh lime soda and finally cherry picked a few from their vast menu.


Whoever said healthy food is tasteless is wrong! We started off our meal with their ‘Chicken Caesar Salad’, sounds middling but quite tasty. Chicken Caesar Salad made with oven baked chicken, romaine, iceberg lettuce tossed in traditional Caesar dressing served with croutons, crostini & shaved parmesan that also drizzled with a delectable sauce on top. Ocean Grill’s Chicken Caesar Salad really stands out with its spiced; oven baked boneless chicken pieces with a crisp caramelised crust, tossed in a flavour explosion of two kind of different savoured sauce. It’s actually jam-packed with flavour and healthy goodness in one plate.




I also tried ‘Panzanella Salad’ from Rounak, its made with asparagus, broccoli, oven roasted pimentos, mushroom and cottage cheese tossed with assorted lettuce and pesto vinaigrette dressing served with croutons and crostini. If you’d like to go healthier, choose more greens! Even if you’re not vegan, the salad here was worth a try.


Then unpredictably they serve their signature cocktails accompanied their mouth watering starters. In first round of cocktails they served us ‘Hollywood Night’, ‘Ultimate 77 Sunset’, ‘Planters Punch’ and ‘Pink Lady’.




Hollywood night was made with Midori Melon Liqueur, Coconut Rum (Malibu), Pineapple Juice, Sprite and Maraschino Cherry. This classic hollywood night was one of the most delicious cocktails among the servings. It was also one of the simplest cocktails anyone could possibly make with pineapple juice and coconut rum, totally refreshing.




Planters punch made with white rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice and fresh lime was next, one sip and I was smiling, perfect. White Rum & Dark Rum made perfect balance without overpowering each other, but you will definitely feel the after kick.




Pink lady served with gin, grenadine & egg white. I don’t liked it very much, somehow missing the wow feeling.




Ultimate 77 sunset dealt the final blow, fusion of vodka, gin, spiced rum, triple sec, pineapple juice, grenadine, and Sprite. Ultimate 77 sunset was a typical summertime cocktail to beat the heat. Just imagine a cocktail in hand, washing down a table of different foods while enjoying the soft music in background.




My non-alcoholic friend Shahbaaz enjoyed, ‘Kiwi Mojito’ made with lemon wedges, mint leaves, demerara sugar, kiwi syrup & sprite and later on ‘Italian Smooch’ prepared with sliced ginger, brown sugar, lemon juice & cola. I took a sip from both and they were too good.




Now let’s talk about their starters, first to arrive was Green Chilli Fish – a fiery yet soft vetki preparation tossed with stair fried capsicum and onion cubes. You’ll be in for a surprise because you’ll never quite know what to expect. A truly tongue twisting dish, awesome for those who loves spicy food.


Following item was Malai Sheekh Kebab made with mixed of vegetables, sweet corn, herbs & cottage cheese on skewers brushed with warm chilli butter and cooked in a tandoor oven. Its delight for vegan again, it was soft & aromatic but I felt they were bit dry when I put them in my mouth.


American Corn Kernels failed to impress me, again felt it was little bit dried out though the spicy and crunchy batter invoked some interest in my mind.




Mushroom Malai Kebab was truly astounding, cheesy grilled mushrooms marinated with cream and spices, just melts in our mouth. Don’t assume that these innocent looking healthy mushrooms were bland and boring; they won’t fail to satisfy you.






Harrissa Grilled Chicken was another startling dish, made with soft boneless chicken pieces which were marinated in a fiery Moroccan spice paste. Harrissa Grilled Chicken was very well executed pieces of grilled chicken – charred to perfection, wonderfully tender and packs a punch of flavour along with the accompanying sauce. They did a nice, smoky sear on the outside while leaving the centre soft, so that you get to enjoy the softness of the chicken.




Final starter of the day was Jacket Potato, it was well cooked, potato with skin had a fluffy interior and a crisp skin, served with fillings and condiments such as butter, cheese and mushrooms. The Jacket potatoes were excellent as well: cooked flawlessly and served with two kinds of sauces and special dip.


If you’re just looking to grab a drink and small bites, choose from their wonderful selection of starters, and pick a nice cocktail from their Euro-centric cocktail list.




All these starters made me thirsty again and this time I went for Frozen Green Apple Margarita. The Green Apple Margarita was an all time popular frozen cocktail, that features tequila mixed with green apple syrup, lime juice and cointreau, maintain flavour balance while keeping some of that Pucker punch and faint green colour. Just one sip and you will definitely fall in love with its mind blowing taste & flavour.




Now it’s time for main course, their signature dish Chicken Surf & Turf appeared on our table, flavour was attractive and garnishing was eye pleasing. This dish was made with sliced grilled chicken breast topped with prawns and creamy sauce served with clams and grilled vegetables. The well-executed fusion of flavours leads to unexpected and often delectable results. Combination of grilled chicken with soft prawns, well cooked clams & grilled vegetables was a unique find and is definitely worth a try.




Next to try was Thai Mixed Seafood with steamed rice. Do not miss their Thai Mixed Seafood, a dish of fork-tender prawn pieces doused in red curry sauce, was one of their unique dishes, too good to resists. The Thai mixed seafood was aromatic and pleasantly lighter, so you can easily pair it with steamed without disturbing the steadiness of flavour. Your meal will not be complete without their Mixed Seafood in Thai red curry.


The hot favourite in vegetarians was the Thai Veg. Green Curry, perfectly blended herbs and veggies inside a warm flavourful curry, delicious and healthy for the health conscious working crowd.




Again I need a drink after this heavy meal and opted Martini Sweet Vermouth, it was very similar to a Classic Gin Martini. It’s a wonderful classic cocktail made with vodka, dry vermouth, bitters and green olive, nice way to end your meal.




A must-try dessert was their Profiteroles, a truly innovative dessert of filled French choux pastry ball with a typically sweet filling of whipped cream, pastry cream, custard, or ice cream. Just about nowhere in Kolkata does Profiteroles better than this institution, with every meal here promising consistently high standards.






If you want something not so sweet-ish, go for their Caramel custard. And if you want something more, try their Two in one mousses which were light yet very flavourful. End off your meal with their vegan dessert, dry but heavenly Banana cake served with whipped cream that was heavy on the lips but not on your hips!




Bring your family or a group of hungry friends, and share these awesome-sized portions. Don’t forget the Jacket Potatoes and Harrissa Grilled Chicken! Don’t miss their desserts either; the Profiteroles are to die for. You’ll be so satisfied eating at Ocean Grill’s; you’ll be scheduling your next visit even before you leave! Make reservations if you planning for weekends!


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