Kolkata Food Bloggers Meet – organized by AskMe.com

By: Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

July 22, 2015


This Sunday (12th May’2015) AskMe.com organized their first ever ‘Kolkata Foodies Meet’ at The Corner Courtyard, Hazra, Kolkata. Randeep Kaur, Sr. Marketing Manager from Askme.com invited me for AskMe Foodie Meetup – Kolkata. I was glad to be a part of it but when I found out that my fellow foodies Shahbaaz Zaman, Rounak Choudhary, Anirban Halder and Shruti Kanoi also joining this event, I got even more excited.




The afternoon began with a brief introduction by the guests of the event. It turned to be a nice get to know each other session. Introduction session was followed by a fun game, randomly picking up two guests and they had to recall each other’s introductions. The one with closest matching will get a gift. Top foodies from all over the city made this event more entertaining.




Different types of appetizers were constantly coming up one after another, not a single minute to spent idol, munch out the food and sip mocktails while enjoying this event. Among the starter’s Arabian beetroot or spinach and Tabasco hummus in flat bread, Ricotta and sundried tomato stuffed mushrooms cupcakes with pangrattato and a sharp cheddar glaze, Greek chicken souvlaki skewers, Grilled chicken satay and Pizza margherita were worth mentioning as well as in mocktails Peach Mojito and Cucumber Berry Soda were good enough.


After that there was a quick audio visual presentation by Randeep Kaur, Sr. Marketing Manager in behalf of AskMe team regarding their Web Site, Apps and Food Ambassador programme. The idea of this event was to bring together top foodies in the city to promote the brand. Askme.com.


Actually Askme.com is a business enterprise from Getit Infoservices Private Limited. The same company which was famous for their Yellow Pages – the one stops for local listings. The website AskMe.com was launched in July of 2014. Ever since there has been a growing presence as a one stop for all local listing, communities, shopping (through AskMeBazaar.com) and many more. They also launched their mobile Application with the tagline ‘The BAAP of all apps’. It offers a platform that seamlessly ties search, classified (post an ad), deals (buy now) and commerce. It helps users to have access to hyper-local information 24×7. As of now, there are 7 communities on Askme.com, namely Travel, Wellness, Education, Interiors, Weddings, Fashion and Restaurants.




We also got introduced to their brand new ‘Food Ambassador Program’. This may seem very attractive to any foodie:


1) Refer your foodie friend and get bonus vouchers.


2) Write restaurant reviews on askme.com and every 10 (ten) reviews get treated with a meal voucher for two.


3) Keep writing and get exclusive meals/ shopping/ spa vouchers.


All you need is just log on to www.askme.com and start writing reviews. The more you write, the more you win.


The concept of www.askme.com is quite revolutionary! It aims to provide users everything they need – all in one place. Their brand ambassador is Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor. This meet was basically targeted to outline AskMe.com as a medium to search for restaurants and hotels.


Another fun game started as soon the promotion finished. Guests had to check in The Corner Courtyard in Facebook and type #AskmeFoodiesMeetup #Askme #KolkataFoodie, the first one who posts in facebook will get a gift hamper from AskMe.




After that there was a salad garnishing event and my foodie friend Shahbaz win that competition. Next executive chef of The Corner Courtyard showed us salad plating and garnishing. I had the chance to try out that beautiful mango salad, and it tastes just awesome. The best part for me was that I got a chance to meet other foodies in the city and interact with them.




Now we move on to the last event ‘Guess the ingredients’ where guests were asked to identify the ingredients of a soup. The person writes most number of correct ingredients got gifts from AskMe.




Next we move on to hi-tea session, there was a live salad and pasta counter also, the menu was quite extensive with mainly veg delights. But I prefer to skip that part and went straight to desserts section and found there were Cheese Cake and Chocolate Cake. Tried Chocolate Cake and found it very ordinary, in fact I have tasted much better in many places. Then with shilly-shally mind I tried the Cheese Cake and OMG, its perfect, actually too perfect, hats off to the chef. I relished few Cheese Cakes and every time they taste even more delicious. Then chef brought out few signature dishes and those were also awesome. Finally I had coffee to reboot my taste buds.




The first foodie meet at Kolkata organized by AskMe.com was an accomplishment at all corners. The curtain finally dropped about 6:30 PM, leaving behind lots of cheerful reminiscences to be cherished forever. Having a medium to do a complete array of activities is a blessing for users looking to find information under one roof. I am personally thankful to AskMe for organizing this Top Foodie Meet up in Kolkata and inviting me to be a part of it; I will be definitely looking forward to enjoy more meets in the future. I hearty congratulate AskMe.com for conducting this gorgeous event and my admiration to all the foodies who spent their evening with me.




All the foodies who participate in this event got a goodies bag from ASKME to take home back. A stunning evening spent with food, fun, foodies and AskMe team.




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